Community QuestionsWhat do you love about Taos and why?
Town Taos Staff asked 3 years ago

We want you to share your ideas that will help us create a community vision.

What is it about Taos that you love?  The connection to heritage? The people? The outdoors? Share it—but don’t forget the WHY. If you love the mountains and recreation, for example, why is that important to you? What personal benefit do you get from them? How does it make your life better?

What are your concerns about our community? About downtown?

What are hopes you have for the future?

All the stories we collect will help us create a set of community value statements. These statements will represent what is most important to the community and serve as the goals for longer term decision making. Please be a part of this important conversation!

4 Answers
Mark White answered 3 years ago

The mix of history and hipstery, Hispanos, Anglos, Indians and immigrants, agriculture and snow-making, acequias and condos, centuries and moments.  Taos has it all, including a magical landscape with mythology to match!

HuajatollaChic replied 2 years ago

Taos Mountain, because it welcomes and envelops our cultures in harmony, and the Taos Hum for sending any malevolent souls on their way.
Everything about Taos Pueblo history and culture; I feel
the Turtle Dance feed my soul.

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Jim Ludden answered 3 years ago

I like the size of the town, even though it is no longer compact. I often see people I know in new places, even though I’m an introvert. There is much good music, theater, dance, and art, and I only expected the art when I moved here.
The traffic is mild in comparison to the big city. People are friendly – everyone waves.
There are three cultures here, although we don’t mix very often.
The air is clean and the climate passable. There are many mountains nearby and plenty of outdoor activities. Taos has provided me with a new challenge in gardening.

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Chris pieper answered 2 years ago

Hello – I appreciate your interest in what Taosenos feel about their community. 
I am happy to see that Taos still has a small business community. I am concerned that we are losing our local economy as more local money is siphoned to Internet and big box. I would love to see Taos have more employee owned businesses. Mondragon Spain has the most employee owned businesses in the world and have become a model for an alternative to our current system
Taos has the potential to become a hub for regenerative agriculture. This means growing nutrient dense food and restoring our soils. Having a thriving agricultural community will support a healthy and diverse local economy. I see micro dairies, small scale grain growers, cheese makers, etc. 
the acequia communities deserve strong protection.  In other countries they have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage areas. 
Taos is in an area that offers rich cultural and natural history. Attract people to come here to learn. 

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Jo Carey answered 2 years ago

I love this place. A full time resident for 47 years now, I have seen the changes happen. We are a community of quirky people who tolerate one another. We are opinionated, although some of us come late to the table.In the now distant past I was very involved in groups trying to steer and keep Taos from turning into “anywhere” USA. Our uniqueness is what attracts others to visit or come and live. It stimulates our youth to think outside of the box. Kids that grow up here are often cherished elsewhere for their creative thinking. We need to encourage them to stay. But they won’t unless we come up with meaningful things for them to do. We must stay open to new ideas. It is this openness that encourages entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers. We all must be engaged. I have perpetually wished more local Hispanic people would come to meetings and be open with what they want and what they see. Having been here for my entire adult life, worked here, had and raised my children here I often wish it was like the old days…like the ’70’s. I used to know everyone at the movie theater…not now. But I do see young people jumping in and starting things. We need to encourage them to go for it, and we need to support their inventions and products. No town can go back in time, we humans are hopefully in a positive forward motion. BUT we CANNOT lose our uniqueness. I talk to many people who over the years have moved here and become vibrant participants in our Town….nurses, artists, teachers, musicians, farmers, recreational folks and they all say that they have seen it all and that Taos is just more quirky, rebellious, creative, challenging, fresh, deep rooted, accepting of difference than any other Town they have seen, lived in or were born into. All of us together must welcome change that feeds this uniqueness and offers employment. We must fight those who will turn us into blah and Ho Hum.   

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