The Strong at Heart project will be different—something that works for YOU. Sure, we will host community forums, provide surveys, and hold public gatherings. But we will also use unique and creative ways to collect community input—to reach you where you are. So you’ll see us setting up a listening station at a coffee shop, or leaving a big installation around town to collect your ideas, or asking your thoughts from a McDonalds. We hope to redefine the ways our community participates in important community discussions.

The project will be conducted in three phases starting in June 2017 with a targeted end date of summer 2018.  Each of the projects phases have a clear public engagement focus. These include:

Phase I: Where Are We Now?

Timeframe : June 2017 – August 2017
Purpose & Description : We start by surfacing shared, community-wide values. Values identify who a community is and what makes it special. We will also assess our downtown’s strengths, opportunities and challenges.
Goal : Identify community value statements that will guide the project’s goals and long-term decision making.
Engagement Activities : Community road shows | Kickoff event | Community Conversation meetings | Interviews | Online creative submissions | Informal pop-ups | Listening sessions | Youth Events | Focus Groups

Phase II: Where Do We Want To Go?

Timeframe : August 2017 – March 2018
Purpose & Description : Based on Taoseño’s shared values, we will define community goals for what a successful downtown district for Taos looks like in the future.
Goal : Develop vision for downtown’s future.
Engagement Activities : On Taos Time meeting | Honoring our Past, Creating our Future meeting | Downtown Strategy Sessions

Phase III: How Will We Get There?

Timeframe : March 2018 – Summer 2018
Purpose & Description : Developing a plan for action to ensure downtown develops the way we want it to consistent with our values and vision.
Goal : The Downtown District Strategy document
Engagement Activities : Downtown Taos: Moving Forward meetings | Downtown Design Workshop

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