Polly moved to Taos in 1975 with her 3 young children and lived at the Lama Foundation for 3 years. In 1978 she moved into an old church in Taos’ historic district and opened the Apple Tree Restaurant. In 1988 she sold the Apple Tree and started Casa de Corazon, a Group Home for teenage girls that grew to include a counseling center and school. Her involvement was full time. She is a founding Board Member of the Taos Land Trust as well as the Taos Community Foundation. 1n 1982 Polly bought the historic John Dunn House and over 35 years has built 2 additional buildings, planted trees and developed landscaping to create a pedestrian walkway that now links Bent Street and Placitas with Taos Plaza. She still owns and manages the John Dunn Shops. She has been a consistently clear, outspoken and most importantly, an INVOLVED advocate for all things Taos.

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