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The goal of first phase of Strong At Heart was to identify shared community values, issues and concerns, and hopes for the future. Between June and September, Phase 1 asked all participants the same questions:

  • What do you love about Taos and why does that matter to you?

    Students with the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps share their hopes, dreams and concerns for Taos.

  • What are your concerns for the future?
  • What are your hopes for the future?

The project used a wide variety of public engagement activities with three goals in mind:

  1. Make providing input easy and fun to reach people who typically do not participate in meetings by going to where the community congregates at events and cafes.
  2. Use community meetings and interviews to elicit more depth and understanding of what we were hearing.
  3. Make an extra effort to reach out to stakeholder groups who are the least likely to participate in community meetings including youth, immigrants, young families, legacy Hispanic families, and the Taos Pueblo through small group discussions and interviews.

The first phase of Strong At Heart did an excellent job reaching out to the community and not expecting the community to come to the project. As a result, a little over 1,300 participants from all backgrounds, neighborhoods, ages, incomes, and stakeholder groups provided their input to Strong At Heart.

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  • C. Holden

    There is no real information about what was gathered, discussed, decided in Phase I. There is no information on Phase II. Now we are told this project will wrap up in January, with Phase III —– and be done. What ? ! Yet, all that has been done is wall posters on what people like about Taos. NO discussion of problems and how to solve these.

    How much did Town of Taos contribute to this project in staff time, resources and dollars? Why were previous planning documents not included in any of the discussions.
    This is the most poorly facilitated process I have ever seen. More time was spent on the name and logo contest than on meaningful outcomes. Another waste of public input, and citizen’s time.

    • Town Taos


      Phase 1 of Strong at Heart concentrated on understanding the values of Taoseños—that was the principal objective of this phase. Strong at Heart’s value-based planning approach attempts to address the less tangible aspects of Taos’s social fabric – such as culture, social norms, and trust – that are responsible for sense of community, social cohesiveness, collaboration, and much more. Once understood, we believe that the community will be able to be more deliberate about how physical planning decisions are interconnected with the less tangible social elements that are equally important. The Phase 1 summary document, found here, shares all the input we received related to this inquiry. Here is a link to the values that emerged from the numerous public conversations that took place in Phase 1.

      Phase 2 of the project is focused on confirming the value statements and identifying the community’s vision and goals. The public meeting (On Taos Time) held on October 30 was aimed at gathering feedback on the value statements, as well as looking at how trends in the community are impacting what we love about Taos. The summary from that meeting can be found here. The most recent public meeting (Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future), hosted on November 27, was focused on beginning to identify solutions to the challenges we have identified as a community. The summary from this meeting will be posted to the the week of December 18.

      Phase 3 of the project is focused on action-planning around the community’s vision and goals so that we can identify concrete steps that will enable us to work towards achieving our goals. This phase of Strong at Heart will occur in early 2018.

      Timing-wise, our intent from the beginning was to give this project the time it needs to reflect community values and respond to community challenges. We are not wedded to a January end date if we have not first addressed these issues.

      This page on our website provides an overview of the steps involved in this project:

  • David Fernandez

    We Taosenos respect, honor, advocate for, and safeguard the spiritual, cultural, and historical living continuum of our Taos Plaza. It is a vital part of our community heritage. We pledge that we will protect and defend this Taos heritage. Fernandez de Taos

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