Project Partners and Co-Sponsors

Strong at Heart will be most likely to succeed with support from community organizations, institutions and businesses. The project has created a role for Taoseños who want to lend their support to the project, but in a more limited (and less demanding) way than joining one of the formal committees. Examples of the type of support or assistance partners provide include:

  1. Convener/Host: Support outreach and engagement with your community networks by offering to co-sponsor or lead an event or events.
  2. Financial or Material Support: Contribute financially or through in-kind contributions for community meetings, engagement activities, refreshments, printing, etc.
  3. Endorsement: Endorse the process by lending your credibility and commitment to the long-term success of Strong at Heart. This would be negotiated with each co-sponsor but in general you might add your logo to the list of co-sponsors, commit to support the project publicly, and support project communications with building community support via editorials and public speaking.

Partner Organizations include:

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