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Taos News Editorial

Taos News Editorial: Join in discussion of Taos’ future

Taos News

Taos News: Strong at Heart moves to second phase planning Taos’ future


Opinion: Three responses to a changing Taos influence reactions

Taos News Editorial

Editorial: Small towns get innovative to grow economies

Taos News

Printed Press Release: Meeting to focus on community values, planning for the future

Press Release

Press Release: Meeting to focus on community values, planning for the future

Radio interview

Radio interview with Jim Pollard & Kristina Ortez de Jones

Community conversations set stage for future decision-making

Community Conversations kick off

“Residents will be encouraged to not only talk about what they love about the Taos area, but to also think about why they value those things. Community members will then reflect on these stories, identifying the values rooted in each and where we share common ground. From those conversations emerges greater clarity about what makes Taos so special.”

Community conversations set stage for future decision-making

Voices and ideas needed in the realm of community sports and recreation

“In fact, the event was a kickoff to what is fittingly known as “Strong At Heart – Building a thriving downtown for everyone,” which could be billed as double entendre for what is on the table for the future of our central Taos community regarding sports and recreation.”

Citizens tackle downtown Taos’ future

Article covering the June 12 Kick Off event.

Editorial: Taoseños show up, more input needed

The Taos News Editorial covering the June 12 Kick Off event.

“Kudos to the estimated 200 people who packed the conference room at the Sagebrush Inn on Monday to provide comments and thoughts about the future of downtown Taos. They took the time out of their busy schedules, gave up their favorite evening television shows and the NBA championship showdown and set aside their after-work chores to show up for the ‘Strong at Heart’ forum…Their input matters. Their effort matters. Their participation is what makes a democracy.”

Strong at Heart Video Kickoff

Roughly 30 minute video of the Strong at Heart Kick Off meeting, care of Taos News.

My Turn: Town seeks public comment, ideas, participation in Strong at Heart

A “My Turn” in the Taos news authored by Mayor Dan Barrone and Town Councilmembers: Nathaniel Evans, Judi Cantu, Darien Fernandez, and Fritz Hahn

Taos News Editorial: Defining Taos' future

“Addressing the pressing needs in Taos requires participation by all of us.”

Press Release: “Strong at Heart” Project Seeks Productive Dialogue About Growth

A press release we issued on May 31, 2017 to communicate the launch of Strong at Heart, and invite broad participation.

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