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Strong at Heart is focused on working deeply with Taoseños to help define the future of our downtown.  During February and March 2018, Strong at Heart organized a series of public and stakeholder-focused meetings to dig into this topic, identifying and prioritizing local goals for downtown. This update provides an overview of the events and conversations held during this period.

Held between February 5-7, 2018, the Downtown Strategy Sessions provided opportunities for different parts of the community to discuss their ideas for the future of downtown Taos. The goal of the Downtown Strategy Sessions was to discuss the key themes that have emerged from public input so far, and to begin exploring some of the ideas and strategies community members have identified through previous community conversations.

Input from the Downtown Strategy Sessions was used to craft a set of draft goals for Downtown Taos. The draft goals were then taken back to the community during the Downtown Taos: Moving Forward meetings to be discussed and prioritized by community members.

You can read a more detailed summary of the Downtown Strategy Sessions here.

Downtown Taos: Moving Forward consisted of a series of meetings that provided opportunities for people to engage and learn. The meetings associated with Downtown Taos: Moving Forward were held between March 26-29, 2018. One objective of the meetings was to provide feedback on the draft goals that surfaced during the Downtown Strategy Sessions. Another was to discuss and refine specific strategies for the downtown. Finally, there were opportunities to learn what other communities are doing to create successful downtowns.

Downtown Taos: Moving Forward concluded with a community meeting on March 28. This event provided another public opportunity to give feedback on the draft goals that surfaced during the Downtown Strategy Sessions. The event also included a series of activities aimed at exploring the role and character of three different neighborhoods in Taos: Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, the Plaza and Historic Core, and Paseo Del Pueblo Sur.

You can read a more detailed summary of the Downtown Taos: Moving Forwards here.

Taoseños Prioritized Goals for the Downtown:

We want a downtown that…

  1. Is safe, walkable and easy to access
  2. Offers a variety of housing choices affordable to people who live and work here
  3. Is an authentic place that reflects our creativity, cultures and heritage
  4. Has places and opportunities for the community to come together
  5. Offers fun and unique things for Taosenos to do and see
  6. Is a place with thriving local businesses that support the community
  7. Has a network of streets, alleys and pathways that connect people to places
  8. Is the economic and cultural heart of the community

Looking forward, the prioritized goals for the downtown will be used to develop specific strategies and design concepts for downtown Taos. These strategies and design concepts will be developed during an upcoming public workshop called the Downtown Design Workshop, which will be held the week of May 14, 2018. Please save the date!

Learn more about the Downtown Design Workshop here, and make sure to check back in when more details are added.

As always, thank you for your participation in Strong at Heart, and thank you for your support of the Taos community.

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