John  currently serves as the Floodplain Manager and Senior Planner for the Town of Taos, focusing his work on long range planning, environmental protection and conservation projects, historical preservation, acequia revitalization, as well as open space / trails implementation projects.  He has lived and worked in the Taos area for the past six years. He has a wife and a three year old son, and enjoys mountain biking, backcountry skiing, rafting, fishing, and hunting. From my personal perspective, I can tell you that he is a huge proponent of the benefits of public lands and open space, and truly believes that communities should utilize the powers of long range planning and, more importantly, zoning to help create and preserve quality agricultural and forested working lands for future generations to utilize and enjoy. I can tell you that he is truly committed to Taos. This isn’t just his job, he’s passionate.

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