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We hope everyone is off to a great start to 2018. We are getting caught up after a busy holiday season and are pleased to share the progress Strong at Heart has made.

As we embark into the new year, Strong at Heart shifts from a focus on our shared values, vision and goals for Taos to a focus on the downtown. Future efforts will be focused on developing specific ideas for how we transform the heart of our community into a thriving place for everyone.

Participant responses to one of the focus statements.

The most recent public meeting, “Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future,” hosted on November 27, provided

Taoseños the opportunity to begin identifying solutions to the challenges we identified as a community. The summary of input from the meeting is available here.

We continue to look to you for solutions. For those that were unable to attend the November 27 meeting, we are asking for additional input on potential solutions to address the challenges in our community.  This feedback form will be available through February 11, 2018.

Feedback Form

At the November 27, “Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future” meeting, participants were asked to provide their ideas for action on seven focus areas that have emerged from Strong at Heart. The emerging focus areas are:

  1. We have a more diverse and resilient economy that offers opportunity for Taoseños.
  2. We have a thriving downtown that is welcoming to all.
  3. We are a more affordable community with housing options.
  4. We manage growth in a way that is consistent with community values, enhances Taos’ unique character, protects its cultural and natural resources, and supports fiscal health.
  5. We are an inclusive community where all Taoseños feel respected and can work together for a stronger community.
  6. We are a healthy community where residents have the support services they need to thrive.
  7. We have recreational and transportation infrastructure that creates value for Taoseños and visitors.

It is important that we gather input on the focus area statements from as many Taoseños as possible. Please use the spaces below to provide your thoughts and ideas for how we work to bring the concepts articulated in each focus area to reality in Taos.

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