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The Downtown Design Workshop Summary is available here. This summary provides an overview of key outcomes from the workshop. For those of you that missed the Downtown Design Workshop, it was a multi-day event that built on previous Strong at Heart engagement efforts. The workshop brought together key stakeholder groups and members of the public to explore strategies and design concepts for achieving the community’s goals for the downtown. It culminated in the Civic Plaza Drive Street Party where an outdoor open house served as an opportunity for Taoseños to review and comment on the ideas for the downtown that emerged over the course of the week.

Over the coming weeks, we will be preparing a draft of the Downtown Strategy. The Downtown Strategy will be an action-oriented plan aimed at helping the community work towards achieving their goals for the downtown. The hope is to make a draft available by late-July. Please stay tuned to for updates on the Downtown Strategy.

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  • Dean Johnson

    So I am the Owner of Smoke Signals and understand you want to make My Shop, Smoke Signals an alley? Why? You want to throw out the longest AND only Native owned and operated shop on the plaza? I just dont comprehend this….? I Would like answers to this please.

    Dean Johnson

    • Town Taos

      Good Morning Mr. Johnson,

      As you may know, the Town’s residents have been discussing Downtown Taos and ways to make it more economically viable to all Taoseños. With that, there has been a lot of talk around renovating the alleyways in order to facilitate more pedestrian movements throughout the downtown core. I know there has been some discussion at the county level around converting your space to an alleyway, but I wanted to be very clear that the Strong at Heart Process has not proposed this in any way. I have included a map of the proposed alleyway improvement area below. In addition I have included a few photos of what that could conceptually look like.

      I wanted to reiterate that the one of the goals of Strong at Heart is to make the town and especially the downtown more economically viable to all the residents and tourist that spend time in our community. The goal is to make small changes that can benefit the business in the form increased foot traffic on the plaza and surrounding areas that can increase your profits as a business owner over the long term – making the plaza businesses more economically viable.

      I have personally been into your shop and feel that it offers a unique draw to the plaza, and would be a shame to lose your business within our community. Thanks for reaching out to us and I appreciate the continued narrative.

      John Miller

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