A native New Mexican A man who loves where he Lives. He is civically minded, care about his community and is a God loving Family Man. He is Business educated and experienced, He Owner of Olguin’s Sawmill a successful family owned business for the past 30 years. A man that is a believer in the future, always encouraging and helping the youth in our community. Always looking for opportunities for the Town to sustain it’s self. Mr. Barrone is a doer, He is not afraid of work but is there with his gloves on. His goal is to Help Taos to once again become a thriving vibrant community. To bring the people of Taos together and united. He has helped bring our plaza alive allowing the residence of Taos to utilize the plaza with such things as the farmers market, taste of Taos, community Halloween festivities, 4 th of July Pancake breakfast celebration, New years eve pig roast and concert. Thursday night live, Movie of the Greens bring families and friends together. His efforts to helping Taos and its residents are sincere.

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