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Since June, over 1,000 Taos residents of all ages and diverse backgrounds from in and around the Town participated in Strong at Heart events–like meetings, interviews, focus groups, online forums, or one of many pop-up events. Our objective in organizing these events was to understand what people love about Taos, and what they are both concerned and hopeful about.

Through these conversations, it is clear that we all care deeply about the place and its future. When it comes to the things we love about Taos–what we values–eight big-picture themes emerged from the 1,000’s of comments we heard. They can be summed up as:

  • The value of living in a unique small town;
  • Honoring the legacy and heritage of the Taos Pueblo and Spanish cultures;
  • Our interdependence on the land, air, and water that sustains us;
  • Living in a caring community;
  • Individual freedom resulting from the abundance of creativity and an accepting culture;
  • Our connection to the outdoors and the ease of access; and
  • The importance of children and families.

These themes are useful to help guide the creation of shared community Value Statements. Shared values are important touchstones for decision making: We can make big, important community decisions that support and enhance what we love about where we live—whether it’s development and land use, about how we interact as a community, or about the environment—by invoking our community values.

As we work together on developing draft value statements, it is also important that we understand the current trends and conditions that are shaping the community. Through research into existing information (like the Census, as one example) we gain insight into how we are doing as a community, whether it’s population change, the economy, agriculture, or housing.

Snapshots of Taos have been developed to share the findings of this research with the community. These snapshots will help inform the upcoming dialogue around goals for Strong at Heart.

Download snapshots here:

#1: Overview of Taos Snapshots.

#2: Demographics of Taos

#3: Housing

#4: Our Economy

#5: Socioeconomics

#6: Agriculture

We invite you to attend a public workshop on October 30 to dig into these data snapshots and also discuss our shared community values, and how we begin to develop goals for where we want to go in the future.

We are working on confirming the venue for the October 30 event, so please save the date and we will let you know the place and time once we have that nailed down.

Until then, we look forward to sharing these Snapshots of Taos with you and hope to see you on the 30th.

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